Asleep in a dream,
I dreamt I could not awake,
Until I understood,
How it was done.
Awake from the dream,
And fearful of forgetting again
I carefully reviewed,
the awakening process.
And then to my great surprise,
I awoke yet again.
Into a much more splendid day.

The real journey for humans through time and life upon life is the soul’s journey from the base of the spine to the driver’s seat behind the hair swirl at the upper back of the head.

So important is this progression in the great Universal School of Life, that with each succeeding incarnation every human level individual must begin life again with the Soul residing behind the sacrum. Whatever you may accomplish in your life, when the record of your days and nights is counted, how high you learned to live in your being will be your most important accomplishment.

As real as this world seems, with solid objects able to exist for hundreds, thousands and even millions of years, it is only an illusion of life. The lower you live in your being, the more illusions life presents to consciousness. The higher you live in your being, the more clues life offers to consciousness as to how to find, The Road to Life, that great avenue of the soul leading to the next greater reality.

You are a god. To all the life forms here on earth you are a god, though perhaps not so to other humans. You are the flower on the tree of life on this planet. But you are only the embryo of what The Great Master Creator intends you to be. This universe is your womb. You must find your own way to the real life, the great reality, the great happiness.

Every religious persuasion has its version of reality and the god or gods ruling over it. If you believe the universe holds only one being superior to human beings, then your god is the supreme being of your perceived universe. In the realities I have found, there are many beings superior to human beings. Indeed, there are as many gods in this universe as there are stars in the sky. Or perhaps, when you learn how to listen to The Song of Songs, the ringing sound that is always there, you may find the stars in the sky are the real gods in this universe.

We live our physical world life in an illusion. We daydream in a greater dream and come to believe we live in reality. We become immersed in the emotional colors of life. We are not told to be free of the dream. We only have to learn how to be free of the emotional colors. There are many ways to look at physical life, but in the end it is only a game. It can be a very serious game or a hilarious game. That is up to you. Life on earth is also life in school. To graduate from life’s school you must find the part of your being that is the spirit child and bring that part of yourself to full consciousness. It is possible, even while in possession of a physical human body, to be awake beyond the life dreams of the planet, the star, and the galaxy we live in. Beyond this labyrinth of dreams you can find the access to life on a Silver Star and a much greater reality than you now enjoy.

The Great Master Creator created the universes through wave harmonics. The Music of the Spheres carries with it the Songs of Life. The tones and spectrums of life on the spirit level adhere to more subtle and precise frequencies than those of the physical level of life do. Using three of the primary tones, the Great Master Creator created this universe we live in and will grow to Divine maturity in. As we grow towards maturity in this three-dimensional universe we are three-dimensional beings. Eventually we must conform to a spiritual genetic code that will establish us as twelve dimensional beings.

YOUR divine destiny is that YOU will in time Become a Master Creator in YOUR own Right.

To graduate from this world’s version of The School of Life you must master essential altitude and energy management. There is no way to do this until you find within your being The Song of Songs. The Song of Songs lights the radiant road to reality, The Road to Life.

Seek thou the Song
my Father sings.
He sings His song to me,
and the night is over.
Sing thou the song,
My father sings.
I sing his song to thee,
And we are free.